What is a RealPeopleDate First Date

Getting you on a RealPeopleDate First Date is our goal.

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But what is a RealPeopleDate First Date and why did we work so hard to make it easy to find one?


What is a RealPeopleDate First Date?

A RealPeopleDate First Date is typically held before a relationship begins. But unlike traditional first dates, the RealPeopleDate First Date expectations are different for everyone. While a Generous Man may be looking to gauge beauty and conversation, he's also feeling out if there is any connection for a short-term relationship. And while a Attractive Girl may be trying to gauge her potential arrangement, she's also checking her list of red flags to make sure the Generous Man is legitimate.

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The Attractive Man's First RealPeopleDate Date

With RealPeopleDate, you can request to go out on a traditional first date. This means that the Attracive Girl should not discuss future date arrangement details until after the RealPeopleDate First Date is finished. While some Generous Men prefer this approach, others like to be more direct and get the future date arrangements discussion out of the way and enjoy their RealPeopleDate First Date.

Generous Men should answer questions about themselves carefully. Giving up too much information about yourself right away can lead to a bad position while negotiationing future dates. That said, both partners should always be honest. If questions start to take a turn for the worst, simply change the topic of conversation.

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Be safe on your First RealPeopleDate Date

Regardless of if you're a Generous Man or a Attractive Girl, It's important to meet in a public place for your first RealPeopleDate Date.

Safety should be your primary concern, mention to your friends that you're going out on a date with a new person. You don't need to mention RealPeopleDate, but just make sure they know you will be gone.


After your RealPeopleDate First Date

If all went well on your RealPeopleDate First Date, you have discussed your future date arrangements and aligned your schedule. If not, make sure to schedule your next date as a RealPeopleDate Couple within the next few days, you don't want to be forgotten.

Keep the texts light, neither person wants to annoy the other.

Also, keep in mind that RealPeopleDate Relationships do not last long, most just for a few months. Never stop looking for your next Generous Man or Attractive Girl, happy searching!

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